Promote Your Products with the Spring Influencer Box

Boost Your Product’s Visibility. Marketing has changed. With the rise of the internet, digital marketing has become a force in advertising efforts. With nearly 3 billion users of social media across the world, it makes sense that brands are in competition to get their products viewed on different platforms.

Popular sites such as Facebook and Instagram have gone all-in helping brands to promote their products using a paid advertising program. However, many brands have turned to influencers to endorse their products. Why? Influencers offer a unique opportunity for brands.

They have already curated a loyal following of people who are interested in their niche. They are able to authentically promote a product and influence people to buy it. Influencers allow brands to pick and choose who they want to market to much more accurately than before.

Products are now advertised on social media platforms such as Instagram in the same way they once were in the Sunday newspaper. Which method do you think is more effective?

Think about it. If you advertised in the Sunday paper, your ad was only likely to be seen by those who read the paper, which could be only a small portion of your targetted demographic.

Now, influencers allow brands to advertise directly at those who have already shown an interest in their industry. Femme Fatale wants to make it easy for businesses to reach these influencers, introducing: The Spring Influencer Box.

This box is sent to over 25 of the biggest influencers on social media, with your product inside of it! Sound too good to be true? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about the Spring Influencer Box and how influencers can help your business.

Why Should You Use Influencers to Promote Your Products?

Social media allows just about anyone to amass a huge following of loyal supporters, even an egg. However, gaining a large following takes a significant amount of time and effort, especially for someone without celebrity status.

In order to become a successful influencer, you must build an effective personal brand. Influencers must pick a niche to grow within and their audience grows from within that niche. Put simply, a social media influencer will have at least one niche that they are known for, this can be beauty, fitness, fashion, etc.

What does that mean for businesses?

Businesses can utilize influencers within their niche to endorse and promote their products to their large social media followings. For example, if a makeup company is trying to promote its newest eyeshadow palette, they might send their product to a beauty influencer with whom they have an established partnership for review and endorsement.

In turn, the influencer would likely post a makeup tutorial and review of the product on their page. The favorable review and tutorial will serve as the catalyst for the influencer’s audience to become the brand’s customers.

Businesses typically experience a direct return-on-investment (ROI) when utilizing influencers in their marketing strategy.

The hard truth is that even if you have a remarkable product, there is no guarantee that it will ever see the success that it deserves if you do not utilize a deliberate and effective marketing campaign. Competition to draw the attention of customers is at an all-time high.

Most small businesses do not have the budget to invest thousands of dollars into marketing and they can’t compete with bigger brands that do have the funds.

Femme Fatale Public Relations is collaborating with different brands in order to help business get their products to influencers who can market their brands to a large number of potential customers.

Should You Feature Your Product in The Spring Influencer Box?

Not sure if the Spring Influencer Box is right for your product? That’s okay. Here are a few questions that should help to clarify things:

Do you want your product to be featured on several different social media platforms?

Do you want your product to reach a targetted audience of potential customers?

Do you want your product to be promoted by influencers who have already invested significant time and resources to build a large social media following of customers who are interested in your niche and product?

If you’ve answered “no” to any of these questions, then the Spring Influencer Box likely isn’t for you.

However, for brands that do want to invest in promoting and marketing their product to the right audience, then the Spring Influencer event is just what the doctor ordered.

How Does It Work?

It is easy to become be featured in the Spring Influencer Box. For a nominal fee, your products will be included in a gift box that will be sent to influencers who work with Femme Fatale.

These influencers have a collective social media following of over 1 million! There is potential for your product to be seen by each and every one of those followers.

However, spots are limited and filling up quickly. It’s an amazing opportunity that you won’t want to miss!


With all of the competition in the beauty and wellness industries, it can be very difficult to get your product seen by the right audience. Femme Fatale PR is helping business to get their products in the spotlight and turn social media followers into potential customers with the Spring Influencer Box.

If you’re interested in reaping the benefits of influencer marketing then contact Raechel Roganowicz at today to get your product featured!