‘People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.’ – Simon Sinek

  • When you are a CEO, you are a brand. Yes, it’s about your company but your company is an extension of you: how you think, what you are passionate about, what you offer. 
  • When you build a strong personal brand as a CEO, leaving one company and starting another is an easier transition. When an audience feels they know you, they are more likely to be excited about your next venture. 
  • At FFPR, we help CEOs build their business by building a compelling personal brand through managing their social media platforms, assisting in content creation (aesthetics, photoshoots and meaningful captions), ghostwriting career memoirs, podcast management or any combination of these things.
  • If you’ve made it as a CEO, you have a story to tell. We are here to honour your story, make it the best it can be and therefore grow your audience while you preserve your precious time for doing what you do best. 

Be Unique. Differentiate Yourself From The Competition.

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