PR and Marketing

  • Get the conversation started with the right people. With well-planned, creatively-fueled PR and marketing campaigns, we’ll get people talking – about your brand, and with your brand. For instance, we’ll land articles for you in relevant media, bolstering your content marketing efforts.

  • Position your brand strategically. The PR and marketing campaigns we execute are always designed to position your brand with authority, relevance, uniqueness, and other powerful branding attributes.

  • Support product launches. Your product launch deserves a good deal of hype – a marketplace debut that earns publicity and builds a zealous fanbase. And that’s exactly what our marketing team will do for you.

  • Connect your brand with great influencers. Connect your brand with some of the most popular influencers in your market, driving up sales and brand engagement opportunities. We’ll find the best influencers for your brand, and get them excited about working with you.

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Social and Digital Strategy

  • Channel management. Put your social strategy at peak performance with our efficient channel management approaches that ensure your online communities are nurtured and engaged.

  • Increase brand awareness and product visibility. A proven suite of digital marketing tactics are used to heighten brand awareness – as well as your product’s visibility in the marketplace.

  • Build consumer interest and excitement. We’ll amp up your consumers with exciting videos, gifs, and photos – and connect with social influencers that fit your target audience’s demographics.

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Media Events

  • Press events highlight top trends and innovations. Your brand will make a splash at press events by reinforcing its status as an industry thought leader.

  • Events reach influential media. Because the press events reach relevant, influential media, your brand gains further credibility and mindshare.

  • Pitch your products and build rapport with the media. These media events allow your brand to have one-on-one time with media – so you can pitch products and steadily built rapport with key members of the media.

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Broadcast Campaigns

  • Showcase your brand alongside a top expert. Through cooperative media opportunities, your brand will be showcased alongside a reputable  expert – and on top-tier, wide-reaching broadcast networks. The expert will be briefed on key messaging and product presentation points for your brand. We’ll pitch and book these segment to major broadcast stations. The result? More people thinking about your brand, and talking about your brand.

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