Are you a CEO looking to build your personal brand? Look no further than Femme Fatale Public Relations!

FFPR is a division of Femme Fatale Media Group. FFPR is a full-service personal branding powerhouse headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. Founded in 2009 by CEO Emily Lyons, the company has worked with brands in a striking variety of industries – giving us a unique understanding into the specific challenges and opportunities to be found in different lines of business.

Our team of branding experts will work with you to create a powerful and authentic online persona, complete with stunning visuals and compelling storytelling. We’ll handle all the details, from managing your social media pages to securing media coverage and prestigious awards. With our help, you’ll stand out from the crowd and establish yourself as a leader in your industry. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you build a personal brand that reflects your unique strengths and values.

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We could tell you that our client rolodex is practically brimming with august brand names – many of which are in the Fortune 500, like Guess and Dior.

We could tell you about the awards our agency has won (including multiple Top Choice Awards), and the certifications earned (Femme Fatale Media is a certified WBE).

Or about the publications that have featured us, like Forbes and Maxim and Huffington Post.

Or, we could tell you about the successful campaigns we’ve created for our clients.

But here’s the most important reason why brands win big when they work with us: Femme Fatale Media Group was bootstrapped, quite literally, from the ground-up. No venture funding or loads of upfront capital. Nothing like that. The company was created from scratch – and forged into a successful enterprise.

So when we say we’ve got experience taking brands to newer and greater heights, we mean it. We lived that experience. We breathed it. We had to get ourselves noticed – by the media, by our target audience. And now we use that field-tested experience to help brands grow at a fast pace, win new customers, and dominate their industry.

Our experience means this: we have a wealth of hard-won tactical insight and strategic marketing knowledge. It means that our approach to marketing communications is bold – and devastatingly effective. It is an approach that has – again and again – positioned our clients to succeed in the marketplace and captivate audiences.

Here are some of the main points of our marketing communications philosophy:

  • Ruthless focus on ROI. We have an obsession with ROI. In fact, ROI is at the center of all our marketing thinking. We want you to benefit from our work – and in a tangible, real way. So each and every aspect of a campaign we execute must justify itself by demonstrating a strong ROI. This guarantees that all marketing campaigns are maximally efficient and cost-effective.
  • Priority on excellent people and great teamwork. We recognize that, in business, people are everything. That a small but passionate, imaginative, and resourceful team of professionals can often create a campaign with more pull for every dollar spent than a larger team working with a much bigger budget. We find and recruit individuals who are “rockstars” in their specialty. People who have a love and respect for deep creative work, for a friendly spirit of cooperation, for anticipating solutions to problems. These are the kind of people on our team, and they give you a competitive edge.
  • Close collaboration with you. We want to hear your ideas. We want to familiarize ourselves – totally – with your goals, both short- and long-term. In short, we seek to collaborate with you so thoroughly that there is always a complete, mutual understanding of what needs to be done – and why.
  • Appreciation for in-depth research. Research matters today – more so than ever before. There are troves of information that can now be analyzed – about your competitors, about your past marketing campaigns, about your target audiences. Before any campaign is brought to life for you, we first bury ourselves in comprehensive research. We dissect metrics; we pore over notes, case studies, and more. Then, once we assemble the fruits of all this research, we craft the campaign. And because we devote time upfront to great research, we don’t need to spend much time fixing problems in an already-launched campaign.

This is the raw material from which we shape hard-hitting, high-impact PR and marketing solutions. Working together, they are an unbeatable combination.

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