Influencer sampling boxes are the perfect way to get your product or brand to leading social media influencers, without spending a small fortune.

Here’s how it works: You send us your product for inclusion in themed boxes with non competing products. We send out these curated boxes to our list of influencers and editors relevant to the niche, and you end up on trending pages, boosting exposure, sales and brand loyalty.

With influencer sampling boxes, you get the return on your investment that so many other advertising channels just can’t offer.


* Reach top social media influencers for a fraction of the cost

* Get products in front of new consumers and increase sales

* Gain brand loyalty through word-of-mouth

* Increase exposure for your product or service

* Discover what influencers want to hear about from you before contacting them.

Contact us today for more details and experience the power of influencer marketing.

Don’t want to be included with other brands? We can do a custom sampling box completely designed for your company.