Everybody has a story worth telling, but knowing how to tell it is a fine art. 

Storytelling is written in our DNA. It’s been central to human development since the earliest times. Our lives are built around stories – the legends, mythologies, poems and parables that came before us, as well as our own. As communities, we’d gather around the fire to learn, warn, bond, collaborate, share, and entertain. We still do that! In essence, we haven’t changed much – the fire is now the brightness of technology, and most of the world is gathered around, hungry as ever to be enchanted by a good story. 

But what is a good story? Well, we think good stories illuminate and summon the audience rather than numb their minds with things they’ve seen or heard before. Good stories take creative risks. Skillfully executed risks will captivate your audience and when captivated, they’ll care about you, root for you, and they’ll naturally return to your story. Because they will want to return, your story needs to always be evolving, yet remain essentially you. 

Good stories are about strong character development. That’s why it’s important to build your brand around you – not just your career but your values, who you are as a complex person, and what’s important to you. Don’t just tell your audience who you are, show them who you are through your personality and actions. 

Since you’re the main character, carefully define, design and craft your image. Know what your strengths are and especially what you want to be known for. Your personal storytelling style – visual and written – should be instantly recognizable and distinctly your own. Authenticity is unmistakable and comes across as effortless, after all. 

Think of people you admire who have truly authentic and incomparable style. Yet when you try to describe their style, you’ll find that even though their style is inimitable, there’s a certain je ne sais quois which is the magic ingredient: true authenticity is never a copy of anything anyone has ever seen before, it’s your own. Authenticity is recognized immediately, and an audience can always sniff a fake. So trust in the intelligence of your audience! The best stories are told with an innovative yet impeccably authentic style, and people most definitely respond. 

Once you have your story, where’s your campfire? The opportunity for brands/storytellers to adapt to the times means there are many fires and there is extraordinary potential in strategically knowing how to tap into digital media and influencer and event marketing. Brand storytelling – well-planned and well-told – is what helps brands stand out in a world full of competitors. Today, standing out is not merely an option, it’s a strategic imperative. 

Helping you tell your story and find your audience is our fine art. Looking to elevate your brand or business? Let’s talk. Contact our team at Femme Fatale Public Relations to get your perfect story started.