Okay gals – its that time of year again! It’s time to dig out the glitter because music festival season is upon us! So with that in mind, we’ve gone ahead and put together your festival check list! Let the games begin.

  1. Mini Size Travel Dry Shampoo – Because shower access is scarce in the land of festivals and you can only go for the slick-back pony look for so long. Verb’s travel dry shampoo is only 9 bucks and you can easily throw this in a purse. Turn the grease into chic!

2. Natural Liquid LipStick – On Wednesdays (and on festival days where your lips are poppin’ for the gram) we wear pink. True Glue launched an all-natural liquid lipstick that also works as a small travel size. It’s vibrant and unbelievably pretty. Made with Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Sea-buckthorn Fruit Extract and Vitamin E – your lips are going to look AND feel great. Another great benefit, you can sleep in this makeup! Its all-natural and formulated for super long lasting wear.

3. Festival Hair Look – See the Coachella inspired looks on the Insta models but don’t know how to recreate it yourself? Book an appointment with Vent Blow Dry Bar to start your day of festival-ing. Braids, clips, extensions, curls, stickers, jewels. Bring a picture, show them your vision, and they’ll create it for you. Voila! Insta worthy hair everyone will be raving over (pun intended).  

4. Long-Lasting Makeup Mist – To hold your perfect makeup look in place for up to 16 hours! Look as good as you did in the morning when you’re dancing in a crowd at midnight. Urban Decay’s setting spray comes in a mini-size, easy for travel and quick misting access!

5. Stand-Out Lashes – Mascara smudges, runs, and clumps. False lashes don’t. True Glue offers a line of lashes and vegan adhesives. Easiest application, best look! Channel your inner Barbie with their Barbie Girl Lashes!

6. Sunscreen – You think you’ll get a tan, but you’re going to get burnt, and get wrinkles. So put the sunscreen on! Consonant’s all-natural face sunscreen provides SPF 30 protection and you’d never know you’re wearing it. Non-greasy, no white streak marks on your nose. Also comes in a travel-size bottle!

Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun and be safe! xo