You want to make sure that your company is getting the attention it deserves, right? After all, it’s imperative that as many people know about your business as possible. You never know where you are going to get new clients from. However, it can be hard to get information about your business published. Our CEO Emily Lyons is giving you her top tips below, so you have a better chance of getting that important information out there where it belongs.

1.”Write Interesting and Relevant Press Releases

“Often, you might find yourself writing press releases only to realize that nobody ever picks up your company’s story,” Says Emily, “That can be pretty frustrating. However, it’s easier to catch the attention of news outlets and other media if you can make your release as interesting as possible. Make sure it contains newsworthy information, and try to write a positive, catchy headline. This can work wonders in helping you get published. Focus on creating a story idea, as opposed to a regular press release.”

2.”Use Bullet Points!”

“Sometimes, if you are passing on information about your company, you may want to go into an in-depth explanation. But if information isn’t easy for people to find on the page, they may simply give up and not look into it anymore. That’s why bullet points are a great way of communicating important information quickly, which can be essential in getting you published.”

3.“Switch It up!”

“Make sure you’re measuring, testing and improving your pitches to the media. Track what works and what doesn’t, and then switch it up. Make your company newsworthy, always crafting an interesting story. Remember that creativity is ROI.”

4.”Become a Thought Leader

“A thought leader is someone who speaks influentially about a topic or industry. Branding yourself as an authority in a specific field relevant to your business is a great way for on going features. Being a thought leader will have your expertise sought after, and often rewarded. So how do you do that? Well, for starters you want to determine what you’re an expert in. Its important to be authentic and honest here. Then, begin creating content relevant to those areas of expertise, in your personal voice, making sure to be consistent with it.”

Just by taking these steps, you are well on your way to getting published and getting the kind of attention your company deserves! Looking for more tips? Contact us today at 647 955 9733.